October 2019
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ICPM news updates for October
Bolster Your Profile with ICPM's New Digital Badges
ICPM has created new digital badges through Badgr for all current CM and CS graduates to bolster your online profile. All current CM and CS graduates who recieved their certification after 2016 will recieve an email from Badgr with an issued badge. If you received your certification before 2016 and are up to date on recertification then please contact us at info@icpm.biz and we will send you a badge. For all of you who are currently working on getting your certification, once completed you will recieve a new digital badge to your provided email address. Don't forget to add your new badge to your LinkedIn profile and share your accomplishment on social media.


Certified Manager Testimonial Series 
Hear Nielsen Builder's Chief Development Officer, Jim DeLucas, CM, talk about the benefits he received from the Certified Manager certification. Interested in becoming a CM? Apply now at icpm.biz 
Congratulations to ICPM's AMS Scholarship Recipients
Two times each year, ICPM awards the AMS merit-based scholarship to eligible Certified Manager (CM) applicants who desire to enhance their professional recognition for managerial competency. This fall,
Dr. R. Chandra Moorthy from India and Tameka Mcdonald from Tennessee were selected to receive the AMS Scholarship. Congratulations to them both! If you're interested in applying for the next AMS scholarship you can get more infomation by clicking here.
Educate yourself with a variety of management articles
by Ross Tartell, Ph.D / October 2019
by Sarah Fister Gale / July 23, 2019
by Scott Warrick / October 2, 2019
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