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5 Reasons Why You Should Empower Your Workers
Getting things done is what managers do; empowering people is how managers do it! 
We live in an era of high demand for quality managers.  Organizations expect managers to quickly develop agendas and use their entrusted positional power to produce results. We have been through the training sessions on empowering people, but what does “empower” actually mean?  Why should we do it?
Empower simple means to promoting ownership.  Here are 5 reasons why you should empower your workers.


Let us face it, being a manager is pretty cool.  Do you know what is cooler?  Being able to give others the chance to enjoy and learn the processes of being a manager.  You will be amazed at how deeply people get involved and react to being empowered to do their job when equipped properly.  Too often (we as managers) do not take time to enjoy empowering others.  I can recall the first time I was empowered by my supervisor to lead a project. What an awesome feeling it was to have the trust and support from my boss to make a difference.  Reflecting back, it was the attitude my manager showed that ultimately set the course.  Today as managers, we can share in the same experience with our workers and foster upcoming managers to grow and make a difference.


For years, I studied the art and science of management, cognitive theories, and contingency variables and factors.  Throughout all of my studies within organizations, two things were common.  First, management involves people.  Secondly, empowering people gets things done.  Studies show that workers that are empowered to do their job connect with the organization.  Managers that empower people to make decisions and trust that they will act in the best interests will see results well beyond the projected outcome.  Getting things done is what managers do, empowering people is how managers do it.


Today the search for effective management of people is in high demand.  Instant and quick results with positive outputs are the expectation of every working environment.  People are not working just to work.  People what to feel important. Empowerment serves the human need of self-worth.  When I am asked, “What is the number one area that a manager should focus on?” I always reply, “Managers need to be totally committed to empowering employees daily.”  Research suggests that empowerment contributes to a greater initiative, motivation, workplace satisfaction, and commitment among employees (McIntosh, P., & Luecke, R. p. 103)...
ICPM Will Be Closed for the Thanksgiving Holiday
The Institute of Certified Professional Managers in accordance with the James Madison University holiday schedule will be closed on November 19th - November 23rd in observance of the Thanksgiving holiday. We will return to the office on November 26th at 8:00 AM ET
Happy Thanksgiving!
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