May 2017
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Visioning a Future Workplace
The workplace is changing as more and more companies race to adopt the latest management trends. From virtual workplaces to cloud computing, managers have never had more options to push the envelope.  Following are a few trends that are currently evolving that will impact how managers perform their roles in the years to come.
Email is Phasing Out
Email has been a primary means of workplace communication for over a decade. As more companies embrace new technologies, email is becoming less relevant across some industries.  Software programs, such as Basecamp and iMessage, are making it easier to collaborate on projects with multiple individuals in a secure space and eliminating aggravations, such as searching through long, disorganized email chains and restricting attachments to a limited file size.  
Remote Employment is Increasing
Technology continues to be a driving force of how businesses operate today.  Employees no longer need to be in the same office to effectively communicate and work as a team.  According to a 2015 Gallup poll, thirty-seven percent of U.S. workers say they have telecommuted, up slightly from 30% last decade and four times greater than the 9% in 1995. The percentage of employees working virtually has been climbing and will continue to do so, as businesses seek to hire the best employees worldwide and job candidates seek companies that offer a work-life balance.
Millennials are Moving Up 
Globally, the workforce has never been more diverse.  As an example, the ICPM staff alone represents four generations.  As baby boomers begin to retire, millennials will move into their first supervisory and management roles. With millennials comprising more than 30 percent of American workers, look for millennial managers to create a dynamic shift in the use of technology to efficiently get the work done.   
Management Week in America:  June 5th - 9th
Management Week in America is just around the corner, occurring June 5 – 9.  Originated in 1978 by the National Management Association (NMA . . THE Leadership Development Organization), governors, mayors, and commissioners have ceremoniously proclaimed the first week in June to recognize the profession of management. During 1982, a Joint Congressional Resolution was signed into law reflecting the dates of the 1983 observance, and President Ronald Reagan issued a proclamation designating the week of June 5-11, 1983, as Management Week. During this week, a number of corporate organizations, associations, and professional societies recognize and reward outstanding leaders and managers in America. You, too, can participate by organizing your own local Manager of the Year Award. In addition to promoting managerial excellence (and the mission of ICPM), you will gain exposure for your organization or professional group.  For more information about Management Week in America, download the NMA guidebook at:
Pulaski Tech Adopts FoM Assessment-Based Certificate

The University of Arkansas-Pulaski Technical College (UA-PTC) has adopted ICPM’s Foundations of Management assessment-based certificate to serve as the capstone for its Associate’s Degree program in Office Supervision and Management.  This two-year program prepares students for supervisory and mid-level management positions in a general office setting.   Upon becoming an ICPM Authorized Instructional Partner in April 2017, UA-PTC  began offering Office Supervision and Management graduates a 2-year Associate’s Degree plus the FoM certificate, which evidences a foundational knowledge of supervisory management practice.  For additional information about the UA-PTC program, contact Ms. Rebecca Sterling at 501.812.2292 or   
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