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Corporate Organizations Benefit from LIVE Online Training
The efficiency and effectiveness of LIVE Online Training is changing the way corporations are developing their employees today.  Already in 2017, two cohorts of corporate employees--one from Lockheed Martin, the aerospace company, and the other from The Rockefeller University, a biomedical research center—have taken advantage of ICPM’s LIVE Online training to prepare for the Certified Manager® certification exams.
Among the benefits they are realizing from LIVE Online training are:
  • Collaboration. LIVE Online training brings participants together both in and outside the online classroom.  During the training, participants share management experiences with other managers from their organization.  Outside the training, participants support one another, act as accountability partners, and engage in study groups. This serves to expand participants’ internal networks across departments and divisions and enhance their value to their organizations.
  • Flexibility. LIVE Online training offers the flexibility to schedule and deliver training to meet the specific needs of a corporate group. Training formats can be customized and vary from fast-paced immersion programs delivered over a short period of time to moderately-paced programs delivered over a period of several months. This ensures the training is compatible with workplace demands.
  • Time - Efficient. LIVE Online training is time-efficient because it is delivered directly to participants’ desktops or to a corporate video feed, minimizing the time spent away from work and eliminating the need to travel to an external training site. 
  • Cost - Effective. LIVE Online training maximizes a corporation’s training budget by efficiently delivering training when and where it is needed. Application-based content is relevant to the workplace and can be put to use right away for an immediate return on investment.  
Interested in learning more about LIVE Online training for a corporate group or individual employee?  Visit LIVE Online for additional details or call ICPM at 540.568.3247 to schedule a free preview.
NMA Offers FREE Membership to Newly Certified Managers 
As a founding partner of The Institute of Certified Professional Managers, NMA … THE Leadership Development Organization invites newly Certified Managers to register for a complimentary one-year membership in the world's largest professional association for managers and leaders. The NMA's 11,000 members unite together through affiliated chapters and individual memberships to take advantage of meetings, conferences, webinars, and professional development opportunities, as well as to network with professionals throughout the Association.  Beginning March 2017, the NMA is making this offer to welcome new CMs to the Association for one year.  At the end of the year, CMs will have the opportunity to continue their NMA membership for just $48/year. To register, newly Certified Managers should follow the instructions included in the mailed packet containing their CM certificate and pin.  To learn more about the NMA, visit:
Upcoming CM Live Online Sessions
Module 2: Tuesday, March 21st -- Wednesday, April 19th
Module 3: Tuesday, May 2nd -- Wednesday, May 31st
Module 1: Tuesday, June 6th -- Tuesday, July 11th
 *registrants can begin with any module
Don't see a session that accommodates your schedule? Contact to suggest an alternate date or time.
What Benefits does the CM Certification Provide? 
Professional Credibility
As a Certified Manager, you earn the right to use the CM® professional credential after your name. This credential denotes a level of managerial competency that is recognized worldwide and sets you apart from other managers.

In Demand Management Skills
ICPM’s certification prep materials comprise a comprehensive learning system that develops managerial knowledge, skills, and abilities that are in demand in today’s workplace and can be put to use right away!

Opens Doors to New Opportunities
The CM® credential opens doors for managers and leaders seeking employment or desiring to advance their careers. Certified Managers work in Fortune 500 companies, government agencies, non-profit organizations, universities, the military, and more. CMs span all industries without exclusion.

Global Recognition and Portability
The CM® certification is a globally recognized brand. The portable CM® credential distinguishes managers for hiring and advancement in all parts of the world, including the United States, Asia, Europe, Africa, and the Middle East.
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