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Finishing Your CM Certification in 2018
With the flurry of New Year's resolutions and the desire to check something off your to-do list, now is your time to shine. Finishing your CM certification is a major accomplishment that will greatly benefit your personal and professional life. If you have been putting it off, there is no better time than now to confirm your professional competency. Below are four easy tips for creating a plan of action to finish your CM certification and start the year out right.

1. Be Realistic

CM applicants comprise employees, parents, and adult learners that have both personal and professional responsibilities. Everyone is busy and there is a limited amount of time to achieve what you want. Even though you may be eager to finish your CM certification, it is essential to set realistic expectations. In the fifteen months allotted for the certification, applicants should plan their time wisely to balance both life and studies.

2. Plan and Organize

Use ICPM's Self-Study Schedule to draft a structured plan for program completion. By creating a schedule with dates, it will be easier to stay on task and hold yourself accountable. Organizing your studies into phases will allow you to experience a sense of accomplishment when tasks are completed and milestones are met. 

3. Share Your Ambitions

Don't keep your CM certification a secret. Family, friends, and colleagues will be thrilled to hear that you are committed to improving your management skills. By sharing your ambitions with others, you will create a support network of individuals who want to see you succeed. You may also entice a colleague to take the certification with you.

4. Keep Track, Keep Trying, and Reward Yourself

As you work through your study schedule, be sure to document your progress. This will incentivize you not to give up! If you fall behind, get back up and keep trying. Adjust your schedule and stay the course. Once you complete your certification, reward yourself for your hard work! A pre-planned reward will motivate you to finish what you started.
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