February 2018
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ICPM news updates for February
Take Advantage of Navy & Air Force COOL
It can be challenging for members of the military to plan their post-military career. Luckily, all branches of the United States military offers COOL (Credentialing Opportunities Online) programs for them to assist military personnel by identifying credentialing programs that align with their military skills to find educational opportunities. The Certified Manager (CM) Certification is just one of the thousands of credentials programs offered by the US Military COOL programs offers. The majority of ICPM’s COOL participants come from the US Navy & Air Force COOL programs. Joey Reyes, an Aviation Meteorologist, believes “The opportunity provided by [the] “COOL” program is a great venue to demonstrate to civilians that the military has provided the skills necessary to succeed, an RCM analyst, had very similar advice for fellow US Navy COOL participants; “Take advantage of Navy COOL and all programs designed to help you prior to your transition from military service. The CM Certification is unique in today’s job market and will definitely help you compete in today in your next career.” The CM Certification allows military COOL participants to validate the leadership, supervisory, and managerial competencies learned throughout their military careers and translate those skills to the civilian sector. “The comprehensive certification process provided a great review of concepts learned in various Navy leadership classes and re-emphasized key elements that are good practices in leadership and management,” says Mr. Reyes. With COOL, military personnel can confidently compete for jobs against civilians. Mario Martin, a Senior Chief Petty Officer in the US Navy, admits the CM certification “…strengthens my chance of employment.” “The CM Certification is the one certification that validates your skills as a manager – capable, competent and determinate
in the performance of your job..” advises Mr. Reyes, “Do not wait, get certified.”
ICPM Closed for Board of Regents Meeting 
The Institute of Certified Professional Managers will be closed on February 23rd - 24th for the ICPM bi-yearly Board of Regents meeting in Reston, VA. ICPM will resume normal business hours on Monday, February 26th at 8:00 AM EST.  
March MGMTBlog Writers Needed! Free Recertification for Authors
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