February 2017
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ICPM news updates for February
A Decade of Global Growth
It’s been a decade since ICPM authorized its first instructional partner in the Middle East to focus on introducing the Certified Manager certification to Asia and Africa.  Prior to that time, the majority of ICPM’s customers were from the USA, with a small number of international customers from the Bahamas and The Netherlands.  Fast forward to 2017, and the international growth of Certified Managers has been exponential, comprising about 50% of certificants annually.  Today, over 17 international instructional partners market the CM certification across the globe in countries that include Egypt, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates, Oman, Qatar, Greece, Singapore, Indonesia, Kenya, Ghana, Ethiopia, Guam, Philippines, the United Kingdom, and more!   This adds to the global recognition of the CM professional credential and increases its value to employees and employers alike.  Visitors to ICPM’s website during 2016 provide solid evidence that the CM’s international popularity will continue into the future—49% US visitors and 51% international visitors.  Plus, it provides opportunities to introduce the CM certification in new markets based on the visitor geographics, a growing number which reside in Russia, India, and Canada. 
A Recertification Refresher
One of the key benefits of certification is recertification or a certificant’s commitment to continuous learning.  Unlike training and education courses that have a defined beginning and end to learning, certification is continuous, so the learning never stops.  The CM recertification requirement calls for Certified Managers to complete 45 professional development units (PDUs) of learning every three years to maintain “current” CM status and continue to use the CM professional credential.  This requirement ensures that CMs are continuously learning and remain current in their field.  It is also the reason why employers seek to hire and promote Certified Managers over others that are not certified. Have you recertified lately?  If not, take advantage of ICPM’s multi-year discounts by recertifying online  for two or three years.  It’s one of the best investments you can make to advance your career!        
ICPM Experiences Steady Increase in New CMs 
Managers across the globe are advancing their careers and adding value to their resumes with the CM certification. Between 2011 and 2016, ICPM experienced a steady increase in annual "new CMs," increasing from 366 to 492 per year. These new CMs contribute to the over 13,000 Certified Managers that are recognized for their managerial competency by employers worldwide. CM applicants remain constant, providing a pipeline of new Certified Managers for 2017 and beyond. Interested in attaining CM certification? Visit the ICPM website for complete information and how to apply.
CM & FoM Stats (2011-2016)
Upcoming CM Live Online Sessions
Module 1: Tuesday, February 7th -- Wednesday, March 8th
Module 2: Tuesday, March 21st -- Wednesday, April 19th
Module 3: Tuesday, May 2nd -- Wednesday, May 31st
 *registrants can begin with any module
Don't see a session that accommodates your schedule? Contact info@icpm.biz to suggest an alternate date or time.
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ICPM's MGMTblog makes it easy for readers to access thought-provoking managerial content and stay abreast of changes in the management profession. Published weekly, the newly redesigned blog allows readers to search and view posts by topic, popularity, and publication date. Also, a campaign section gives readers access to ICPM's latest FREE educational content. Click the preview image below to view ICPM's MGMTblog and let ICPM know what you think!
Interested in Blogging? 
Do you have a unique experience or perspective you would like to share with other managers? If so, ICPM invites you to join its distinguished team of management and leadership bloggers.  
As an ICPM blogger, you will:
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Additionally, Certified Managers obtain professional development (PD) credit for CM recertification and a waiver of one year’s recertification fee after publishing five blogs. To join ICPM's team of bloggers, contact Trent Johnson at info@icpm.biz to register. You can view ICPM our 2017 MGMTblog guidelines here.
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