August 2019
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5 Reasons You Should Empower Your Workers
Getting things done is what managers do; empowering people is how managers do it! 
We live in an era of high demand for quality managers.  Organizations expect managers to quickly develop agendas and use their entrusted positional power to produce results. We have been through the training sessions on empowering people, but what does “empower” actually mean?  Why should we do it?
Empower simple means to promoting ownership.  Here are 5 reasons why you should empower your workers...


Don't Forget AMS Scholarship Applications Are Due Tomorrow
The Institute of Certified Professional Managers (ICPM) is excited to accept applications again for the Administrative Management Society Foundation scholarship. The merit-based scholarships create a legacy to the Administrative Management Society which ceased operations in 1992. Applications are due tomorrow, August 31, 2019. Click the image below to visit the applicaton page.
The CM Certification gets government approval in Bahrain
The Bahraini government has approved the CM Certification for citizens to acquire for free. Please contact the Oasis Training Center for more information or click to picture below to visit their website.
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