August 2017
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ICPM news updates for August
ICPM Bids Farewell to its Executive Director 
It is with both joy and sadness that my career at ICPM has come to a close, and in August 2017, I will begin a new journey called retirement.  I never expected for ICPM to be a fifteen-year career, but the work was inspiring, the people interesting, and the mission (“to advance managerial excellence”) undeniably worthy.  My time at ICPM has been full of opportunity—from international expansion, to new program development, to LIVE online learning, to new partnerships--and never once did I wish I had chosen another path.  I will sincerely miss the many people that have supported me, while also challenging me, to become the best leader that I could be.  To this end, I extend my gratitude to the partners, instructors, Regents, CMs, and colleagues that have influenced my career.   Best wishes to all.
ICPM Welcomes New Leadership 
Effective August 1, 2017, Drew Koch, CM will assume leadership of the Institute in the position of Interim Senior Director. Drew joined the ICPM staff in May 1998, after earning Master of Arts and Educational Specialist degrees from James Madison University.  Drew has been a dedicated member of the ICPM team for over nineteen years, holding the positions of Manager of Assessment, and most recently, Director of Operations.  Please join ICPM in congratulating Drew.  He can be reached at or 540.568.3245.
ICPM Board of Regents Develops Strategic Plan
The ICPM Board of Regents met July 21 – 22 in Northern Virginia to begin the strategic planning process.  The two-day meeting comprised small- and large-group working sessions led by Board Treasurer Brenda McAleer, PhD.  A major focus of the work sessions was on “building trust” among corporate decision makers, HR representatives, and industry segments.  This will set the foundation for ongoing work on the strategic plan over the next several months. 
Check out ICPM's New "Who is ICPM"  Video
ICPM, in collaboration with Appeal Productions, has developed a new video to help build brand awareness and explain how ICPM advances managerial excellence.  You can view the video below.  We also invite you to share the video with others in your network on social media or by email.  Enjoy!
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